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Knowledge Is Power. - Sir Francis Bacon, Religious Meditations, Of Heresies, 1597    

    When I first started getting serious about collecting firearms I was fortunate to receive advice from a much older fellow who had been a collector for several decades. Of all the advice he gave me probably the one that struck home the most and has served me best was this: “Every time you buy a gun, buy a book.”

    It was his way of telling me that knowledge was one of the most important things in collecting. Over the years I have noticed that the more comprehensive and complete a collection is, the larger the owners library.
    Books are not cheap. Good books are expensive, but so are mistakes. I have books that cost more than some of the guns I’ve bought. I’ve also used information gleaned from my books to buy a $250 revolver that I later sold for $6,000. I’ve also passed on deals that looked good in person while standing in a gun show aisle but that a few minutes of reading showed me was not a good deal.
    My opinions and estimations of a book are subjective. I prefer certain styles and formats that others may not. Even if you don't agree with what I value in a book, at least let my thoughts and comments prod you into looking at it and deciding for yourself.

The Standard Catalog Of Smith & Wesson 3rd Ed. - Best overall reference going for Smith & Wesson products.

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