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The Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson, 3rd Ed.

Jim Supica & Rick Nahaus
Gun Digest Books
192 pages

    This is the third edition of what is widely accepted to be the definitive reference book on the subject of Smith & Wesson firearms. While there re other books that may focus on one specific model of S&W with greater depth and focus, this is the best and most comprehensive book that covers the entire range of S&W firearms.
    The authors present the individual guns and their variations in a clear and accessible format that benefits both the layman and the serious researcher. Market prices, always a bugaboo in any book of this sort, are as can be expected; good for the exact moment the book was sent to the printers, but subject to regional variations and dated by the time the book leaves the publisher. This is not a criticism, as a sharp reader can use these figures as a starting point and then factor in relevant variables and make an educated estimate of value.
    A welcome addition to the third edition has been the inclusion of small 'chapters' by knowledgable collectors that shed more light on specific aspects of S&W that might not otherwise be known. These small (and some not so small) chapters deal with grips and boxes as well as special variations.
    The quality, quantity and variety of the images exceed the first two editions handily. In fact the third edition is easily twice as long as the now scarce first edition. The wide variety of images, even within a single variation of one model, show that as the books effects on the S&W collecting fraternity are felt, it has become a feather in the cap of serious collectors to have one of their prized pieces appear in this book.
    In addition to the specifics on different models, the book also has an excellent series of serial number tables, a guide to S&W belt buckles and knives and a chapter dealing with S&W publications.
     Absolutely required reading for anyone with an interest in anything by Smith & Wesson.

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