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The Arms Of Law & Order:
New York City Police Department Small Arms
From 1896 onward

Law, without force, is impotent. - Blaise Pascal    

    In the time I've been studying firearms my interests focused upon two different specialties: US Military Small Arms and the small arms of the New York City Police Department.
    In the early and mid-1990's, under circumstances that are bizarre enough to warrant their own essay, I was given very broad access to NYPD records and personnel. During this time I copied thousands of pages of documents that I found and also was given quite a few documents by people who had been involved in various projects and kept copies of the records for themselves.
    While I'm working on putting what I've found into a book detailing the history of NYPD small arms, I am going to post here some of the documents and data that might be of interest to collectors.
    One resource that I've managed to assemble is a fairly comprehensive database of serial numbers for NYPD guns from surviving records.

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