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Smith & Wesson Model 10 RB 2 inch

    For reasons that are so far unclear, the Department ordered 400 Smith & Wesson Model 10 RB 2-inch revolvers in the mid-1980's.
    The most common off-duty offering at that time was the S&W Model 36 Chiefs Special, of which tens of thousands were sold, so the perceived need for a 2-inch K-frame off-duty offering is puzzling.
    The 2-inch Model 10's were offered right as the Department was phasing out the blued SA/DA revolver and for this reason almost half of the 400 2-inch guns were returned to Smith & Wesson for a credit.
    The original records seem to indicate that the guns were received in two shipments of 200 guns each; the second shipment is noted as having been received on 29JUL85 on S&W invoice #03767202. The guns in this shipment were given inventory numbers starting at #201 and most were returned to the factory.
    The records I have do not show actual sales dates but it may be assumed that they started around early/mid 1985 and the last sale was 30JUN87.
    The serial number data for the 400 guns is saved in two formats; one has the guns listed in Serial Number order and the other has them listed by Inventory Number order.

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