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Smith & Wesson Model 60 NY-1

    The contract produced Smith & Wesson Model 60 NY-1 was introduced in 1987 as a companion gun for the contract produced Smith & Wesson Model 64 NY-1.
    It's primary special feature was that it was Double Action Only (DAO) from the factory.
    Problems developed with the Model 60 NY-1 shortly after it's being delivered and there was some disagreement over the cause of the problem, who was responsible for it and how to remedy it.
    Ultimately the vast majority were returned to S&W who configured most back to the typical SA/DA configuration and re-sold them to jobbers.
    The Model 60 NY-1 occupies several interesting niches that make it quite collectable:
    There is a good amount of data available on the M60 NY-1, from concept and development to deployment to recall to post-recall legal issues. Additionally, quite a number of the original invoices with serial number packing lists are available. If one factors in copyrighted material from local newspapers, magazines and the like, the amount of information available can paint a very clear and complex picture of a gun that had much potential and caused a great ruckus.
    Smith & Wesson's identification of this model was MODEL NO. 102308 M60 38 2" RB NYCPD*SP DA.

Smith & Wesson Model 60 NY-1 - Invoices - These are copies of the factory invoices that include the serial numbers of all the guns in a particular shipment.  The total number of guns by serial number listed on these invoices is 3,996. Note that the file numbers are for my records and are not Department or S&W numbers.
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